Sunday Dinner: Party of Three

On Saturday I tried to make this no-knead bread recipe. All of my favorite bloggers had raved about how easy and simple and foolproof this bread was to make. So easy a four-year-old can make it!

Well, I attempted the recipe, burned the loaf black, and almost gave up on baking forever. Luckily Danny talked me off the ledge and I tried again on Sunday (after purchasing a pretty covered baking dish from my second-favorite-place-on-earth World Market), and wow–this bread really is amazing.  And this lemon roasted chicken with vegetables could not have been better.

There is something to be said about trying and trying again.

Our very first L.A. dinner party was a huge success and a small affair, with just one special guest, our dear friend Dan, also the fabulous photographer. We ate outside. We had a blast.

Here’s to a happy week.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner: Party of Three

  1. Glad to hear you didn’t give up. You’re a wonderful cook. You bake the most delicious desserts I have ever tasted. Often times it’s the right utensils and cookware that make the difference.
    Hopefully we can visit with Dan S. when I’m in town. See you next week!

  2. Looks great! I’m not a bread-maker, and have never tried No-Knead Bread, because I am an on-the-whim sort of cook/baker. Having to think 12-18 hours ahead of time typically doesn’t work for me. However, I have made this No-Time Bread recipe several times, and I like it, although it never comes out looking anything like the photo (I just realized it’s probably because I just use all-purpose flour as opposed to bread flour). But anyway, if you’re up for baking bread again, and don’t have as much time to work with, I would highly recommend it!

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